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Soy wax melts
Soy wax melts

Meet Karen and Aimee

We are mother and daughter and since 2007, we have been running together a successful dance costume design business called Pose Freestyle Design. In 2019 we were fortunate enough to move this business and all of our staff into a new 2000sqft premises, a former tannery, in the centre of Macclesfield, Cheshire. We then spent the next few months deciding what we could do with all of the added space. We needed a business idea that would work comfortably alongside our existing business and one that would continue to allow our creative juices to flow. 


We've both always loved wax melts and candles and have them all over our home and office. However, we struggled to find a brand that continually delivered a quality and refined product. 

When the coronavirus temporarily forced our business to close, this gave us the time we needed to set out our business plan. After a lot of market research and product testing we took the plunge and ordered our equipment and supplies. Shortly after, we shipped out hundreds of samples to friends, family and customers across the UK and Europe.

The feedback from our samples was incredibly positive and led to many of our samplers placing immediate orders and recommending us to their own family and friends (our first customers) and so Pose Aromas began. 

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